The Penguin Play Awards Guide

Hi penguins,the penguin play awards are here! The penguin play awards is an event where the penguins get to vote for their favorite play of the year to vote simple go to the plaza and click on the voting booth. This year’s penguin play awards just not even the stage was decorated but this year’s such as the pizza parlor and the dock are full of luxury decoration!

You can meet your favorite penguins too! such as Cadence and Aunt Arctic,we don’t have trackers to find them at the moment since the blog has just started off but for next time we will be sure to make some awesome trackers to find them 😉 Click Pictures to enlarge.

There is a backstage area where you can hang out before the event go into the stage and go into the door where it says Backstage in the back corner of the stage.

There you can find along 2 free items for your penguin! Note: The backstage is exclusive for members only. There you can pick up a trophy along with a very cool Video Camera! Waddle along and check it out.

And that’s not all! there is of course a free item for non-members too waddle on to the dock to pick up a Press Hat for your penguin.

Thats pretty much all at the penguin play awards.Leave a comment on what you think about the Penguin Play Awards event.


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  1. Great website!!

    – Cp Agent 5

  2. cool site

  3. Awesome guide!! =P

  4. nice web could i joined xDDDD 🙂

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