What’s Coming Up

Hello Penguins! Billybob is showing us a sneak peek of the upcoming April Fool’s Party! How cool is that! Here is a picture of the sneak peek

Looks like the forest is upside-down! Make sure not to miss all the silly sights and decorations! What do you think of what this year’s April Fool’s Party will be?Do you have any jokes planned for your friends to fool? Tell us in the Comments.

~Speliers http://www.clubpenguinboost.wordpress.com

4 Responses

  1. Awesome Post Spellers! 😆 that’s your new nickname from me Spellers 🙂

    Please Visit my site 🙂
    Leave Me a Nice Comment 😀

    You make my Day everyday 🙂

    Your a great friend I shouldn’t say Great I should say Awesome Friend 😀

    Your Truly Friend

  2. Hey Friend,
    I just love your designs and your way of posting. I’m looking for authors. Maybe are you the one? Enter today in the author contest!
    ~Ayush, http://clubpenguincw.tk

  3. Great work!!

  4. I dont think Speliers will have time to be an author on your site. Hes too busy on his own site. Tough luck for you. Guess you will have to do your own site…..lazy

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