New EPF Penguin Style Catalog Update!

Hello Penguins,I was playing Elite Penguin Force game, and I saw there was a new catalog update to the Penguin Style Catalog on the game! I will tell you all the new items and cheats below 😉

Isn’t it cool? there has actually been 4 updates to the catalog on the game! which i will be showing you. If you can’t read them clearly. Here are the new items on the new catalog upgrade :

Blue Ball Cap- 200 coins

Rugby Shirt- 400 coins

Brown Shoes- 400 coins

Floppy Hat- 300 coins

Daisy Hoodie- 500 coins

This catalog upgrades with the same items every year around March. Here are the other catalogs that have been updated on the game!

This catalog will upgrade with the same items every year on July. Here are the items for the July Elite Penguin Force Catalog.

Dive Mask- 200 coins

Pink Swimsuit- 250 coins

Flippers- 200 coins

Life Jacket- 330 coins

Red Shorts- 250 coins

Brown Sandals- 200 coins

Woow! those are pretty cool items! Did you get to buy those items on the July catalog?

Here is the catalog that will be updated on November.

Pretty sweet items too! just like the other catalogs. Here are the items for the catalog cheats!

Gold Watch- 170 coins

Pink Sweater- 440 coins

Pink Coat- 625 coins

Here is the last catalog this catalog upgrades on December 24. Here are the cheats for the December Catalog:

Black Toque- 75 coins

Snowsuit- 600 coins

Blue Earmuffs- 250 coins

Pink Snowsuit- 600 coins

Have you goten all the items yet? Do you got the game yet? Comment and let us know!

~Speliers owner

One Response

  1. i hate disney -_- they brought back the floppy hat -_- theyre just running outta ideas ish stupid -_- liek da post tho! ;3

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