April Penguin Style Catalog

Hey Penguins, Club Penguin has released a new Penguin Style Catalog its pretty awesome Click Here to view the whole Catalog. Here are all the cheats for the Catalog:

They have added 2 new design’s for the “Create Your T-shirt Page” Take a look at them!

Looks like one is a Puzzle T-shirt and the other one looks like a Puffle with the globe of the earth awesome!

Click on the cup for the Red Viking Helmet open it and close it for the Blue Viking Helmet.

Click on the Pink dance floor spot to get the Green Face Paint

Here is how to get the Cocoa Bunny Ears I totally love the White Cocoa Bunny!

Click on the tree to get the Cocoa Bunny Ears

Click on the “G” where it says “Penguins At Work” to get the Cocoa Bunny Costume

Click on the bottle to get the Dazzling Blue Top Hat, Click on the coffee cup to get the Top Hat

Click on the Camera red button to get the Dazzling Blue Tux

Click on the Top tree corner to get The Brunette wig and the Purple Spring Dress. Click on the top of the mountain to get the Pastel Suede Jacket and last on the next page click on the top corner of the tree to get the Pom Pom Scarf

On the last page Click the Snowman Top Hat to get the Jade Necklace

Have you got all the items yet? Comment and let us know!


7 Responses

  1. thanks for showing all the hidden items!! I never woulda seen the face paint. I like how I can get to the catalog from here. Its really awesome.

    You rock Speliers!!

    PS Did you hear that Andy Kohl isnt a real beta….

  2. Thats not true. Oreo Summit paid 750 dollars to buy andykohl

  3. Well hes a moron then

  4. I hear Oreo paid 900 for andykohl. What a waste of money

  5. andykohl is a beta it has been confirmed, and yes $900 for a penguin is ridiculous but can be worth it sometimes

  6. How is it worth it you noob. Its a cartoon hat. You must be a beta worshipper AKA LOSER

  7. Shes not a noob. But I do agree its ridiculous to pay 900 for a beta penguin. You should be happy with who you are. I wouldnt want a penguin I didnt create but thats just my opinion. If he has the money, all power to him.

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