Herbet Spotted On Club Penguin

Hey Agents!, A couple months ago Billybob said there’s a new mission coming soon! He said we’ll be using our Penguin Agency skills again to try and stop a very determined Herbet… He mentioned What we thinked he’s planning this time, While reading this week’s Penguin Times newspaper, I found well as Herbert, I found prove that Herbet’s plan will be starting soon. If you look closely, you will notice Herbet in the new newspaper.

Looks like Herbet is hidden under a Yeti Costume, I circled Herbet’s face to show you a difference of another picture of him. By looking it at the first time, you will never notice its Herbet, If you look closely in his face, you will see! Here is another picture of Herbet, Pay close attention to Herbet’s eyebrows since they are the same gray color as the picture above:

As you can see, they look very similar! Since Club Penguin showed us a secret picture of Herbet in the newspaper, we can tell that his plan is soon going to come. You can find Herbet in the newspaper not just once. Looks like Herbet is going to hide he’s identity while he makes up an evil plan. Check it out.

Looks like Herbet has a big plan for Club Penguin, and it will be coming very soon. Stay tuned for the new mission 11 to arrive. Remember when Billybob showed us around the end of 2009 a Sneak Peek of the upcoming 2010 events? Here is a picture of what he showed us :

Looks like the puffle and squid had to do with the new Puffle Rescue Game and the Orange Puffle arrivement. Looks like the Herbet picture is going to be the new mission. Comment and let me know what do you think about this.



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