Card Jitsu Series 3 Expansion Deck

Hello Penguins, There is a new Card Jitsu Series called ” Club Penguin Card Jitsu Fire Series 3 Expansion Deck ” It will be available in stores around June in your local Toys R Us, Walt-Mart and Target store. This new series will include whole new Cards, Customizable Penguin Sticker, 1 Club Penguin Online Code card and much more! Here is an Exclusive Sneak Peek of the new upcoming Series Check it out:

Looks awesome! What do you think of the upcoming Card Jitsu Series? In other news Card Jitsu Series 4 is going to be released around May 2010 a brand new Card Jitsu Series collection called ” Card Jitsu Fire Series 4 BoosterBox ” This Booster Box will Include 7 cards per pack (5 game cards, 1 power card & 1 code card). What do you think of the upcoming new Series? Comment and let me know!



One Response

  1. 1rst comment 😀
    Nice find!Brilliant GFX Speliers,I would love to see what you could make this site look liek with css :O
    U ROK

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