New Club Penguin Postcards

Hey Penguins, Club Penguin has released new Postcards today there are 3 new Postcards Check them out!

  • Long Time No See
  • You’re Funny
  • Turn Green

The new postcards look really cool! What do you think? I really like the ” Go Green ” Postcard you might like to use that postcard at the Earth Day Party! Scroll down for the Earth Day Party Cheats and Exclusives! Comment and let us know what you think.


3 Responses

  1. Nice web speilers but I have a question were you make all these cool widgets at? can you give me the
    link to them?

    • Hello Kenanan, Please don’t copy my widgets and content from my site and put it directly on your site, As I saw you copied all my widgets and all the content from the Herbet post.. Please remove the post or give me credit.

  2. Hey There,
    Could you add my banner if you could? I’ve been facing really bad times these days! Please help!

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