April Sneak Peeks Revealed

Hello Penguins, Remember when Billybob gave us 3 April Sneak Peeks Click Here to view the Sneak Peeks Billybob showed us I managed to get the full Sneak Peek of 2 pictures this picture seems familiar with the tree that appears on the Membership Page take a look at it:

Take a look at the other Sneak Peek I managed to get. If you take a look at the 3rd Sneak Peek you will notice some some kind of a machine, If you check out in the 224rd Issue of the Newspaper Page A3, you will notice Gary The Gadget Guy is holding some plan that looks like a machine! Take a look at it here:

That looks like some sort of recycling center like Gary mentioned It would be a welcome addition to the island, this machine will possibly be located at the Mine Shack. What do you think of this Sneak Peeks and of the upcoming Earth Day Party? Leave us a comment and let us know!


One Response

  1. Spell, May I please have the picture of the tree without the trademark/watermark?

    I will give CPBoost full credit

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