Herbet’s Revenge Sneak Peek

Hello Penguins, Billybob has showed us another new Sneak Peek as he mentioned he will provide us with a Sneak Peek every Saturday for the upcoming Nintendo DS game, ” Herbet’s Revenge”.. and this time he has provided us with TWO pictures to show to everyone. Take a look at them:

As you can see the picture is from last week again.. but with more to see this time. Looks like Herbet has planned some sort of Mine elevator to pull things up here is the second Sneak Peek that Billybob has provided to us of the Herbet’s Revenge Nintendo DS Game this week.

I also put together other images that match with Billybob’s sneak peek take a look at it:

Click Here to view the image in full size.

Looks like Herbet has a lot to plan as you can see see some sort of plan on he’s desk. These are both of the Sneak Peeks Billybob has provided us this week for the upcoming Elite Penguin Force Herbet’s Revenge Nintendo DS Game. I have put together some pictures that matches with Billybob Sneak Peek that where provided to some Club Penguin bloggers. Here is what I came up with:

Click Here to view the image in full size.

I think Herbet has something really big planned for the upcoming game. The Herbet’s Revenge DS Game will be out very soon around next month. What do you think of the upcoming new game and this Exclusive Sneak Peeks? Comment and let us know!



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