2 Earth Day Party Exclusives

Hello Penguins, I managed to get 2 super exclusives thanks to Oreo Summit and Cuteness93 for the upcoming Earth Day party on April 22 exclusives! We are one of the first blogs to post about this sneak peek. Here are the pictures sneak peeks! As notice on the first picture you will notice a recycle machine as we mentioned on the Revelation of the April Sneak Peek! This will be the new room as Club Penguin showed us on their latest Earth Day Party sneak peek. Take a look at the pictures:

The recycle room looks totally awesome! Here is the second sneak peek I think you might get to water the dirt so plants get to grow! Take a look:

I really thing the Earth Day party is going to be tons of fun! As you see in the picture there will be a free farmer hat and a watering pot! Here is an image of how the items will look like :

I think the items look pretty cool! I can’t wait to plant and grow stuff at the Mine Comment and let us know what you think of this sneak peek!


3 Responses

  1. :O how tah mess did u get those OO
    or oreo get those!Great exclusives dude
    BE AST
    OMGZ 1rst comment!RLLY cool,plz send them 2 me
    Coming to our party,guests,giveaways and more on the 25th! http://bit.ly/diCWI8 for Info

  2. Speliers i need to talk to you ASAP!! you can reach me on twitter or on xat! Nice site BTW

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