Reviewed By You: Earth Day

Hello Penguins! Last week Club Penguin asked us what you did at home to help the environment, and this week Jedi 2007 got chosen here is what he said:

I’m like an energy-saving machine, especially on Earth Day. I’m the leader of a club my friends and I made up. We made up a plan to ask our teachers to unplug the electric pencil sharpener, and write a note on the board about Earth Day reminding students to recycle. We even convinced the lunch workers to add two recycling bins for milk cartons and styrofoam trays.We even donate money to buy trees.”

This week Club Penguin would like to know what you think would be cool to grow at the Mine Shack Since they have seen lots of you getting the garden ready for planting. Click Here to comment what you think would be cool to grow! Leave us a comment on what you think of this week’s Reviewed By You.



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