Earth Day 2010 Party Cheats

Hello Penguins, Club Penguin has released The Earth Day party. There is a Recycling Plant which you like to visit! But before you can access it you need to collect 8 hidden objects around the island. Club Penguin didn’t just decorate the Mine but the Town and the Plaza! Here is how they look.

I think both rooms look very cool! Now here all the cheats on how to find the hidden objects.

For the 1st hidden object go the Coffee Shop.

For the 2nd hidden object go to the Pet Shop.

For the 3rd hidden object go to the cove.

For the 4th hidden object go to the Dojo Courtyard.

For the 5th hidden object go to the Book Room located upstairs the Coffee Shop.

For the 6th hidden object go to the Forest.

For the 7th hidden object go to the Ski Village.

For the last and final hidden object go to the Mine.

You now have all the hidden objects! Click on the blue recycle bin at the top left corner of your screen and claim your free prize!

Once you have clicked on the recycle bin claim your prize.

You have now collected the new Recycle Pin! Once collected you can now access the Recycle Plant located at the Mine! Take a look at how the pin looks like.

You now have the new Recycle Pin! Theirs 1 more free item left. The free item is called Straw Gardening Hat you can get this free item by following this steps:

1. Login on Club Penguin

2. Open your map

3. Waddle to the Mine

Once you are at the Mine waddle on to the cart and you now have the latest free item at the Earth Day party!

Now lets move on to the room cheats. Go to the Mine and click on the blue doors located at the left with the recycle symbol at the side to enter the Recycling Plant. There you will be able to recycle useless stuff such as the items you picked up at the scavenger hunt to useful stuff such as anvils, life guards and more! Check it out.

The new room looks pretty awesome! It looks exactly as the picture we showed you in the Earth Day Party exclusives post! There is also a short way to go from the Forest to the Mine which makes it a lot more easier at the Earth Day party!

What do you think of this year’s Earth Day Party? What are you going to do on Earth Day? Comment and let us know!



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  1. Awesome job Speliers!

  2. Nice Post buddeh :O

    I’ve always wondered what were your secrets to becoming successful ‘ere. -stares at- xD

  3. Awesome post. the scavenger cheats helped me alot!
    love this website

  4. this place is cool

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