Reviewed By You: Plants You Would Grow For A Garden

Hello Penguins! Last week Club Penguin asked us what plants we would grow if we had a garden, and this week Bubble192 said:

I absolutely think it would be cool if you planted a flower that make the other plants around it grow and when it bloomed the the leaves tasted like ICE CREAM! then we wouldn’t have to use machines to eat ice cream. (But of course we couldn’t eat all of the plant). And if the stalk tasted like STEAK! Also, the roots would taste like…..Oh i know! APPLES!!!!!!

This week club penguin would like to know what you’re most looking forward into the upcoming Medieval Party! Click Here to comment what you would like to see at the party. Leave us a comment on what you think of this week’s Reviewed By You.



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  1. Cool!

    Awesome Header Spell 🙂


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