IMPORTANT NEWS! Fake Betas Spotted Around Club Penguin!

Hello Penguins, There has been a lot of penguins getting the “Beta Hat” with the use of a Third Party Program, Some of you might be wondering whats a Beta Hat? It was a free collectible item available during Beta Testing. It is the first party hat and the first free item in Club Penguin. But why are penguins hacking especially just hacking this particularly item?

Well that’s do since its the rarest item on Club Penguin, It has been almost 5 years since this item was released. So many penguins are desperate to get this item, but if it returned it wouldn’t be rare anymore as it is now. So penguins have been looking for ways to hack it, as cheating and both are against the Club Penguin rules and can result in a ban.

But what was Beta Testing? Well it was when penguins could sign up to help fix bugs in the beta version of Club Penguin and report them to Club Penguin so they could fix them. People who signed up are called “Beta Testers” When Club Penguin publicly launched, the team made a party to thank Beta Testers, which a the yellow and pink party hat was given out in the Town more called as the famous “Beta Hat” Here is a picture of an example of a fake beta:

Most of the fake betas have been more recently been spotted around Sleet and Frozen other servers as well but those are the mainly’s ones, You can mostly tell if its fake or not by their name for example penguin names with a lot of numbers or letters or not really common heard beta names such as..

  • P122497532
  • P93516693
  • Sugarfat222
  • Tunkillonder

And most real betas have lower-cased names. Those penguin names above are just of the few fake betas that are around the Club Penguin island, If you see someone with some of those characteristics report them to Club Penguin or send an email to Club Penguin informing them about this going around the Island. Lets make all this stop it and make Club Penguin safer.



9 Responses

  1. WHAO! A fake beta? Bad boy…

  2. Thanks Speliers!!!

    • You welcome! Mostly informing to penguins that don’t know about the fake betas going around Club Penguin. Glad it helped you.

  3. I have e-mailed CP.

  4. I noticed that to! I have seen many penguins who have been doing that and im glad you said somthing! I am going to report a few more penguin names to you as we speak!

  5. Thanks CHEATING IS very wrong even CP says no hacking for the rules

  6. My cousin is a fake beta He shows off he got banned forever i sent a email.:)

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