Herbert’s Revenge Sneak Peek #6

Hello Penguins!

Its Saturday, which means Club Penguin has a new sneak peek of the upcoming “Herbert’s Revenge” Nintendo DS Game for you. They are very impressed with everyone’s efforts to put the pictures of the secret lair together. They have heard from many of you who are curious how “Herbert’s Revenge” will affect the island, and how it’s tied into te new PSA mission. Billybob also mentioned with both things coming soon, there are big things planned for agents. Here’s a sneak peek of something you’re going to see really soon.

Looks like some kind of machine wonder what its going to be for maybe to analyze Herbert! Who knows we will just have to wait for the new game to come out.

Also in other news Club Penguin has thow events being planned to celebrate the release of “Herbert’s Revenge”. One starts on May 22 at the Toys R Us in Times Square, New York. The other is on May 23 at the Disney Store in Glendale Galleria, Los Angeles. What do you think of this sneak peek? Are you coming to one of the events? Leave us a comment and let us know!



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  1. Hey! Wen’t you at Oreo Summits Party yesterday?

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