Club Penguin Mission 11- The Veggie Villian Walkthrough

Hello Penguins, The new mission 11 has been launched! Here are all the complete cheats to the mission. Here is a video and text guide tutorial:

1. Talk to Gary the Gadget Guy at the HQ, Tell him your ready to start your mission.

2. Gary will mention Seeds. Scientifically speaking, they’re called Poaceae – Zea Mays. He will ask you if you can guess what the non-scientific name is? First tell him Are those Flower Seeds? and then answer “Corn Seeds”

3. Go to the Gift Shop and waddle upstairs, talk to the Jet Pack Guy and pick up the yellow corn seeds under the desk. Go back downstairs and talk to Rookie and pick up the other yellow corn seeds on the floor.

4. You will get a call from Gary the Gadget Guy to report back to the HQ. Go to the HQ threw the Sport Shop since there is no signal. Talk to Gary the Gadget Guy and then Herbert will appear on screen.

5. Go to the Ski Village, now you have to find a way to shut down Herbert’s broadcast.

6. Head to the Lighthouse and pick up the CD under the piano and the cleaning spray near the stage onto your inventory. Put the cleaning spray with tissue on top of the CD, spray it and then clean it with the tissue.

7. Head upstairs at the Beacon and talk to Rory the Construction Guy and tell him if you can help him somehow.

8. Go back to the lighthouse and pick up the can. Go outside to the Beach and fill it with water by grabbing it into the water at the Beach. Go back to the HQ via the Sport Shop.

9- Access the Gadget Room place the can with water on the Test Chamber, pull the lever and click the the snow button and pull the lever again. Grab the Ice and put it on your inventory.

10- Head back to the Beacon and hand Rory the Construction Guy the piece of ice and grab the lens and put it on your inventory.

11- Go to the Ski Village once again to shut down Herbert’s Broadcast and click on the projector box and grab the CD you cleaned and insert it. Now we need to stop the audio.

12- Go back into the projector box and grab your wrench to open the box on the Right. And now we need to solve the code. Here is how to solve it:

Choose your color code.

Click the Check button.

Use the hints to help select your next color.

13- Go to the Mine Shack and click on the Corn Field on the left.

14-  Follow the Popcorn.

15- Once your where there is a yellow watering can pick the piece of paper on the right side and put it on your inventory.

16- Follow the foot steps until you have found all 4 pieces of paper. Then grab the piece of wood, go threw the ways where there is the objects as in the image of paper put together. You will end on a river put the piece of wood on top of it and cross it.

17- Once you have crossed the river grab the corn seeds you picked at the beginning of the mission at the Gift Shop and throw it to the lever and click the stair.

18- Un-plug the computer then you will be teleported back to the HQ and Herbert will appear once again on the screen but now we need to get out because where locked in.

19- Click on the orange book on the green desk and click on the color pointer that comes out of the closet. And match the colors, Here is how

A purple penguin will come out of the closet (Dot) which is from the EPF Nintendo DS Game. You will be teleported to the Ski Village and the HQ will explode.

Looks like the  PSA has been over and its time for the EPF on Club Penguin! This mission was very tricky but it was overall cool! Comment and let us know what you think of this new Mission 11.



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  1. Wow, what an awesome guide – great work, dude!

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