Herbert’s Revenge Sneak Peek #6

Hello Penguins, It’s the last Saturday before May 25, which is the day the game launches so that means it’s time for the final sneak peek of the upcoming new DS game, “Herbert’s Revenge!”

Billybob mentioned of many of you have now had a chance to play the new mission online, and know a lot more about what “Herbert’s Revenge” is all about. He doesn’t want to spoil the surprise for those who haven’t, but he said that the story of the “Veggie Villain” will continue in the new DS game.

All the pictures Billybob has been showing us threw the past Saturdays are from the mission AFTER “The Veggie Villain”. And as many of you have guessed they show a place that agents will have to sneak into… And thats Herbert’s Lair!

Everything is now cleared up! For all those who are worried about the future of secret agent’s, don’t be! Though “Herbert’s Revenge” is only on the DS, the Club Penguin team has been working a ton of new stuff wich will start launching online next week! Keep an eye on the What’s New Blog for more info.

What do you think of the game that is almost here? Are you going to get it on May 25? Leave us a comment and let us know!


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