New Club Penguin EPF Test Postcard

Hello Penguins, If you check your Club Penguin postcards on your mail you will notice you have got a new postcard from the Elite Penguin Force to take the test to become an EPF agent and join them. If you haven’t become one yet click here to know how to become one! Lets take a look at the new postcard:

Put your mouse over the button at the bottom of the postcard to take the test.

Then click on “Go There” to take the test to become an EPF agent.

I really like the new postcard! It will help those penguins take them into the Facility room to take the test that don’t know how to become one. Comment and let us know what you think of this new technological postcard.



5 Responses

  1. My penguin, Raggedstar84, didn’t get a postcard, so can u help me join EPF???

  2. Same, my penguin, Mendexx did not receive the postcard either. Is the a way you could send it to me?

  3. I am an EPF agent but I want the postcard, is there any way i can still get it?

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