Reviewed By You: Construction at Ski Village

Hello Penguins, Last week Club Penguin us what you and your friends were doing to help the construction at the Ski Village, and this week Red Apollo said:

“Well, me and my friends are pretending to be managers! Were both agents (or are we) and were keeping all the workers stuffed on pizza! That’s because we can’t allow too many breaks. We’ve been working mainly on the Sports Shop and selling the rest of the popcorn! We’ve been working also on that badge-or-heart shaped thing (do I know what it is or do I not know?), selling popcorn, working on the crane, and that stone. We hope to get everything fixed up!”

There are a lots of adventures coming up this month. So this week Club Penguin we’d like to know- if you could only take one thing with you on an adventure, what would it be?

Click here to comment what you would take with you on an adventure on the What’s New Blog! Let us know in the comments what would you take  on an adventure if you could only take one thing!


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