Club Penguin Adventure Party Construction

Hello Penguins, the construction starts around the island for the Adventure Party launching on June 18! Here are the pictures of the rooms where the construction has already started:

A lot of green adventures are approaching for the Adventure Party! Also Rockhopper will be arriving for the island this month for the Adventure Party, which we will be able to call him with the Flare Flinger 3000 at the Beach. Let us know what you think of the construction going around the island!


5 Responses

  1. OK I have decided to do a summer kick off and me being 500 days old party on the 14th of June. PLEASE COME.Here are the details……

    Date: 13th June 2010

    Time:12:00 PST

    Server: Sub Zero

    Places:1st my igloo(my penguin name P80228313)


  3. Cool post, can I work here?


  4. He quited CP

  5. Cool site! Please visit and comment on mine at


    ~Ashley Di

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