Making a Comeback

Some of you may and some may not know that I quitted blogging a while back, as you have seen I haven’t posted in a while… Which I mentioned that on twitter but I know some of you who still visit don’t have twitter and probably where wondering what happened… Well I actually decided to quit blogging because it was getting a little boring and it was a bit hard to post due to the club penguin time updates, but don’t worry I never forgot all of you! And I want to thank you all for being amazing fans and supporters of this site while its existence but WAIT THERE! I have decided to come back after a while… I don’t guarantee I will posting all the club penguin updates as they come out… I’m just going to post when I feel like and when I’m bored. xD but yes I will try my best to post the updates, and in OTHER words… NEW widgets, header and probably pages will be added to the site within the days and weeks.



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