Club Penguin Mountain Expedition Cheats Guide

Hello Penguins! Club Penguin Has released the Mountain Expedition event, I can ensure you its very fun the only bad thing is that is only for members but don’t worry non members will still have access to the Supply Camp. Here are all the cheats for this Mountain Expedition Event!

To start off first go to the Ski Village then enter where it says “Mountain Expedition” which will lead you to the Supply Camp.

While on the Supply Camp you can buy all the stuff you need for your Mountain Expedition which you can find by clicking on the catalog on the right bottom side.

You can also walk to the stand where it says “Supplies” to gather up with some gear for your journey!

Now its time to begin our mountain expedition journey! You will have to walk up to the cave by the sled at the top, once your inside the cave you will have to solve the icicles puzzle to continue your expedition.

You will have to click on the icicles until you get them all of the way, once you have solved the icicles puzzle you will advance onto the next room!

On the next room you can wait there and eat some fish or simple camp or just continue to the next room.

Once your on the next room you will see an axe will cover with snow, what you have to do is click on the branch. Keep clicking on the branch until the snow on the axe goes away.

Once the snow goes away from on top of the axe click it and it go to the side of the tree trunk, keep clicking it until it cuts the tree trunk and it falls.

but WAIT THERE! If you click on the blue piece of ice on the right side you will enter a secret room (Thanks Jmann93)

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