Field Op #10 Cheats

Hello fellow little agents, Club Penguin has released Field Op #10 and we have all the cheats here for you to complete it successfully! So lets start figuring out this new Field Op.

1. Click on your spy phone on the bottom left side of the screen. And click on the “Go There” button.

2. Once you are in the EPF Command Room walk by and click on the yellow screen on the right side.

3. Now that you have clicked on the yellow screen a monitor will come up with a message from Gary as shown in the image below.

4. Once you see this message click on “Continue” to accept your Field Op. Now go to the coffee Shop to power up a new safety override for the steamer which you will have to walk by the steamer.

5. If you have done this correctly your Spy Phone will start to ring and blink in a green light. Click your Spy Phone to power up the chipset and click on “Engage”

Once you have powered up the chipset correctly you will receive a medal which you can use to buy Elite Gear for your penguin! Good work agent! Be sure to check back next week for the next Field Op cheats.


4 Responses

  1. Sweet guide, bud. :O

    Stinks that all of the Field Ops are repetitive. :L

  2. Hey awesome blog! I’ll add you to my blog roll, good luck with your blog and everything!
    btw my blog is if you wanna know.

    ~Darkbane 77~

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