Club Penguin Fall Fair 2010 Cheats Ultimate Guide!

Hello Penguins! Club Penguin has released the Fall Fair and I can tell you its a lot of fun! The Fall Fair is an event where you can play different Mini Games around the island and earn tickets to claim prizes at the prize booth! Lets begin with the cheats at this year’s Fall Fair!

There are 7 different Mini Games around the island, here is a guide on how to play each Mini Game!

– Feed puffle’s by shooting puffle-o’s into their mouths.
– Feed as many as you can with 100 puffle-o’s

– Use your mouse to bounce the puffles and keep them in the air
– Every time you bounce a puffle you increase your score
– Juggle more at once to win more
– The longer you can bouncing the same puffle the more you win

– Puffles are hidden underneath tall hats and shuffled around.
– Select the hat hiding the correct color of puffle to win tickets!
– Keep playing until you tun of tries.

– Press and hold down the mouse button to aim.
– Release the mouse button once you have reached your desired strength.

– Find the matching pairs in the fewest tries for maximum tickets.

– Blast the targets with puffles on them
– Don’t blast the targets with penguins on them.
– Duck underneath underneath objects that fly towards you!
– Use arrow keys to move and spacebar to shoot.

– Blow your puffle with the fan.
– Hold the mouse button to go faster.
– Bump balloons into walls to pop them.
– Collect the tickets.

After playing some Mini Games around the Island and earning tickets you are ready to claim PRIZES! There is a non-member prize booth which are items available to everyone and a member prize booth which are items available only for members.

Prize Booth for Everyone

The first prize booth which is available for everyone is located at the Forest.

Members Only Prize Booth

The last prize booth which is available for members only is located at the Entrance to the Puffle Circus.

The Fall Fair Extra Rooms

You can find 2 extra rooms at the Fall Fair which are; the Bonus Game Room and The Great Puffle circus, lets take a look at how they look below!

At the Bonus Games Rooms you can play 2 extra Mini Games which are Puffle Soaker and Balloon Pop available for everyone! Lets take a look at the Great Puffle Circus:

At the Great Puffle Circus you can watch your favorite puffle perform a unique act, there are 8 different acts you can pick from!

There is a lot of more fun to do around the Fall Fair such as hanging out in the Balls Pool at the Iceberg or serving some cotton candy at the Coffee Shop!

Be sure to leave us a comment on what you think about this year’s Fall Fair party below or by clicking here!