Club Penguin Secrets

Ever wondered all the secrets that around Club Penguin? Well there is a lot of secrets that are still around the island some know about and some don’t! We have found out some secrets around the island, if you know any secrets that we don’t include you can leave us a comment and let us know what it is!

How to go into other penguins Igloo’s without being their buddy:

You can go into other penguins igloos or even find where they are when they have left the room by clicking on a buddy online and then click on the “Show Online” and click on the penguin you would like to find or go to their igloo the penguin must leave the room first! Their playercard will now keep loading. Click on the house to go to their igloo or on the find buddy icon to know where they are. Here are the steps with pictures on how to do it:

Step 2:

How to make other penguins names dissapear:

First go to your igloo and drag the box dimension to your igloo ( If you don’t have the box dimension it won’t work ) Now click save, you know should have the box dimension on your igloo. Take a few steps back and click on the box dimension. While your walking towards the box click the tape measure symbol and you should now be at the box dimension with no name!

Just change rooms where their is more penguins to see them with no names to. Note: You are the only one that will be able to see it!

How to talk with the Newspaper on Club Penguin:

First open the Club Penguin Times Newspaper on Club Penguin and go to page D2 and click on the “Question” button. Write whatever you want and click the “Tab” button on your keyboard and then click “Send” on Club Penguin and click Tab again and you should see your blinking cursor on the chat bar. Type whatever you want to appear for others to see while your reading the newspaper and click “Enter”!

How to Walk on Club Penguin Pathways:

First log onto Club Penguin go to the room where a pathway is located you want to walk onto. Step a few steps backwards from the pathway and then click on the pathway, while you’re walking towards it click the postcard icon at the top left corner of your screen and close it. You are now on the pathway of a room!


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